Courage and light!

It has become a tradition that we await the TRANSATLNTYK FESTIVAL POZNAN poster with extreme impatience. Festival organizers put a lot of emphasis on its artistic and symbolic expression. Among the authors of the posters for Poznan Festival were eminent illustrators, Tomasz Opasiński and Daniel Horowitz; their works have won many prizes at international poster competitions. This year\'s id card of the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL POZNAN was designed by one of the most respected poster creators, co-founder of the legendary Polish School of Poster - Roslaw Szaybo.

\"We live in a time of transformation and it demands us to have strong attitudes. And it is very difficult in the era of opportunism\" - says Jan AP Kaczmarek, while elaborating on the subject to which this year\'s festival poster symbolically refers. Roslaw Szaybo approached the project very courageously, combining the aesthetics of socrealism and postmodernism. The simplicity and strength of the emotional expression of the poster are strikingSaturated, intense colors contrast with the figure of a standing man who is extending his arms in a gesture of openness and courage, man who also becomes a symbol of what our aspirations are. Because today, the most important things are courage and light (understood variously as internal energy, charisma, faith, need for freedom, creative genius, etc.), and they both are in very short supply. The aesthetics and subject of the poster were not selected by accident. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Polish freedom. We want to both celebrate this period and understand it better, and by getting rid of the stigma of communism, we want to reconcile with our past and draw the strength from it to continue our efforts, even though, the reality of modern times poses difficult challenges.

TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL POZNAN is a festival of ideas, which are present not only in its music and film repertoire, but also in extensive educational activities that build public awareness of important, often controversial issues of our times. This year\'s poster also follows these principles. Using the power of artistic expression, the festival organizers want to inspire further discussion about where we are after 25 years of freedom.


About the poster’s author:

ROSLAW SZAYBO was born in Poznan, on August 13th, 1933. Poster artist, illustrator, art director, photographer. In 1961, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, from the legendary poster atelier of Professor Henryk Tomaszewski, and the painting atelier of Proffesor Wojciech Fangor.

In the years 1958-1966, he worked professionally and won a number of awards in Poland and abroad, including the Gold medal in Leipzig for the illustrations, twice, the annual Tadeusz Trepkowski award of the Publishing Art and Graphic for Young Artist. Special Award at the first Polish Poster Biennale in Katowice, as well as other prizes and awards in poster competitions. In Poland, for Polish Records, he created a series Polish Jazz, and among others, the album cover of Krzysztof Komeda\'s Astigmatic. In the years 1968-1973, he was the artistic director of an advertising agency Young and Rubicam. He co-designed black pack of cigarettes, John Players Special. Then, in the years 1973-1988, he was the Creative Director of CBS Records UK, in London, designing covers for music CDs that earned him a number of prestigious awards (covers for CDs with music by Beethoven, Elton John, John Williams, Duke Ellington, Johnny Mathis, Janis Joplin, Simon Garnfunkel, Judas Priest, Leonard Cohen). Since 1993, he has been a Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where he has been leading the atelier of photography. He received his Professor’s Title in 2002. He was a member of the Scientific Council of the World Poster Congress in Warsaw, in 1994. In 1994-1996, he was the artistic director of the publishing house Czytelnik in Warsaw. Author of the poster for Expo 92 and the draft poster of Earth Flags. His exhibits his works individually, in Poland and around the world and participates in group exhibitions of Polish Poster Art. Designer of award winning theater, jazz, opera and film posters. He currently runs a diploma atelier of applied photography at the ASP (Multimedia) in Warsaw.

Roslaw Szaybo is the co-founder of the so-called Polish School of Poster. Since 1966, he lived and worked in the UK, and now lives in Warsaw and London.






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