Charismatic, full of energy and passion. The legends of film music will be at your fingertips, at the Transatlantyk Festival Poznań. For us, however, it is not enough! We want you to be able to establish a truly close relationship with them. That is why we created a new and unique formula of meetings with our musical guests. It is time to reveal the secret of the Talking Piano!

Talking Piano are the meetings with invited composers (this year, with Michael PriceBruce Broughton and Peter Golub), who will talk about their creative activities and any activities they undertake which are related to music for film and television. The host, famous music journalist, Tim Burden, will be a guide during these meetings and will help you learn as many details as possible from the masters about their work, career paths, artistic ideas and fascinating stories from the life of the artists. Talking Piano formula also includes presentations of live music, including the eponymous piano, which will become much more than a giant prop; it will be a carrier of ideas and emotions which sometimes are inexpressible in words. Besides the music performed live, we will also present hard and available videos, and it all will take place in an atmosphere of intimate conversation. Each meeting will end with questions from the audience.

Meetings of the Talking Piano will be held in Poznan Cultural Centre CKZ, and each is anticipated to last 90 minutes. 

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