The Power of Woman as the main theme of Transatlantyk 2017!

We are happy to inform that part of the 7th edition of Transatlantyk Festival's program will be devoted to The Power of Woman. We are going to show the movies made by the best female directors, the representatives of Polish and world cinema, that tackles the problem of women in XXI century. The most interesting topics will be discussed with and about women from 14 to 21 July in Łódź, Poland.

This year we celebrate The Power of Woman, we talk about women, watch them and through the cinema, we want to show the world from woman's perspective. Or maybe, I should say - "their" perspective, because there is no such thing as "female perspective" only. The Power of Woman can be understood in different ways and we would like to show it to you in July, at Transatlantyk Festival. Of course, we are happy to invite not only women but all the people interested in good and interesting cinema. - says Joanna Łapińska, Director of Programming.

Transatlantyk is the one and only festival that has the ambition to talk about the present times through the art such as film and music. The strong voice of women was lately noticed in the whole world and that is why the program of this year's edition will express the emotions, fears, and hopes of the women worldwide. We will show the important role of woman in the society and we will talk not only about the widely known female representatives but also about the female heroes of everyday life. The portraits of a woman will be presented in the rich film program including the wide range of documentaries and feature films. The Power of Woman will be also present in the music section of the festival, during the panel discussions and Master Classes.

With the cooperation of Summer Festival POLOWKA, we are happy to present the special section of the movies - Girl Power dedicated directly and indirectly to the topic of womanhood. What is new in the this year's edition of the festival is the retrospective of polish director - Barbara Sass-Zdort, the author who create one of the most provocative portraits of woman in polish cinema although she never wanted to be limited by the female cinema  expression and was the advocate of the statement that the gender in the director professions does not matter.

The world in crisis listens carefully to the voice of women. We can argue with them but we cannot ignore them. Women are working hard and are the keepers of the most important values. We would like to pay the tribute to The Power of Woman. Let me invite you, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek.

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