About the festival

Outstanding cinema and music from all over the world

August 8-14, 2014, Poznan, Poland

Outstanding films and music from all around the world. Legendary and young artists, representatives from all film and music professions, hundreds of screenings and numerous concerts. In the summer of 2013 the TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL POZNAN starts, for the fourth time, in Poznan, Poland. A new artistic platform aimed at building a stronger relationship between society, art and the environment through music and movies. It strives to inspire discussions on current social issues. Transatlantyk will be Glocal* and Open.

Academy Award® winner Jan A.P. Kaczmarek is the Founder and Director of the Festival.


Plakat Transatlantyk 2013


* GLOCAL -... local in actions and identity, while at the same time global in terms of understanding the consequences and context of its actions.