New energy, tradition, business, culture and success!

Poznań is a city which combines western standards of living with the energy and enthusiasm of the Central and Eastern European countries.

A metropolis with a population of half a million, Poznań is located closer to Berlin than to the capital of Poland. The city is inhabited by people one can rely on: educated, fluent in foreign languages, open and spontaneous, while at the same time predictable and dependable. Poznań endorses the technology of success, supported by a 1000-year-long tradition of efficiency: even the most ambitious enterprises and daring visions can find success here.

The unique profile of the City consists also of diverse cultural events, starting from those well-known throughout Europe to newer, rapidly developing ones. Poznań hosts the series POZnan* dla Ziemi (POZnan* for the Earth) concerts that have already featured Nelly Furtado, Radiohead and Sting.

Poznań is an open European city, elegant, fashionable, but also spontaneous. It offers high standards of living and the possibility to fulfil great ambitions, as well as interesting ways of spending free time.

Photo by Ryszard Horowitz