Culinary Cinema

PRICE PER 1 PERSON – PLN 120 (film screening, dinner)




Poznań will host the first screenings of the Polish section of the Culinary Cinema (Kulinarisches Kino), a younger partner of the Berlinale project addressing the concepts of delicious, healthy food and the environment.

For five festival days, from the 7th to 11th of August, the Culinary Cinema will stimulate the appetite of the audience with film screenings. After each of them, Wojciech Modest Amaro, General Chef of the Festival, will serve dishes inspired by the shown film inline with the concept of Slow Food. The film programme of the Culinary Cinema includes feature and documentary films addressing the question of food and the environment. During the five nights, dinners will be accompanied by discussions with the invited guests about the screened films.

Wojciech Modest Amaro – one of the most notable chefs in Poland. For many years he worked and practiced by the side of distinguished chefs, like Ferran Adria (Elbulli) and Rene Redzepi (Noma). In 2008 at International Academy of Gastronomy, he received a prestigeous award Chef de l’Avenir for outstanding talent, and the president of Academy wrote „...for Wojtek- the future Ferran Adria of Polish cousine – with admiration, Rafael Anson.

Author of a bestseller cookbook, „Polish Cousine of XXI Century” , which got awarded Grand Prix Literature de la Gastronomique in Paris. The book has changed the image of contemporary Polish cousine and has shown the possibilty of creative cooking in relation to classical and traditional dishes.

In March 2011 his newest cookbook „The Nature of Polish Cousine” took the fourth place in the prestigeous World CookBook Awards competition. It contains the recommendation of Rene Redzepi - the chef of the best restaurant in the world Noma in Kopenhagen.

Presently, Amaro heads his own restaurant „Atelier Amaro” and diving into the depths of nature rediscovers the mysteries of Polish cousine....

What Means Culinary Cinema?

Culinary Cinema means showing movies, eating and drinking, and talking. Contrary to the practice in front of the television set or in multiplexes, Transatlantyk Culinary Cinema separates these activities – first we see a movie, which addresses the subject of food or environment, then we eat and drink outside the cinema in a nice restaurant and start talking. This is not only healthier than a TV-dinner but also a solid recipe for a perfect date. Particularly when an international master chef like Wojciech Modest Amaro is cooking for you.

Food has become the Rock’n’Roll of the 21st century. Cooks are suddenly pop stars and food programs are conquering prime time TV. This is a symptom of rediscovering a long forgotten truth that food is at the centre of life, and that culture started with agriculture.

It’s not only that we would die if we did not eat - it’s also true that we are dying because we eat. Way over 50% of environmental damage is caused by industrial food production, mono-cultures, the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and global food transportation. To put it simply, who can feed the world without destroying it: Slow Food or Fast Food?

This straightforward question has many diverse answers because diversity is at the base of biological and cultural life. Culinary Cinema is a place to reflect on pleasure and responsibility. Enjoying pleasures without assuming responsibility can be pretty stupid; acting responsibly and forgetting about the joy of life is boring.

The first Culinary Cinema programme was developed by the Berlin International Film Festival in 2007. Transatlantyk director Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, who is a good friend of the Berlinale, decided to import Culinary Cinema to Poznan. As a film composer he is aware of certain similarities between food, film and music. They are all based on time and originate from oral culture. 

We hope you will enjoy the double features of meals and movies at Transatlantyk Culinary Cinema.

Cheers and bon appétit!

Thomas Struck

(Head of Berlinale Culinary Cinema)




PRICE PER 1 PERSON – PLN 120 (film screening, dinner)