TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL POZNAN 2013 announces open and free Master Classes!


Program of the Workshops, Discussion Panels and Q&A's may be downloaded here.

Master Classes at the Transatlantyk, over 30 free meetings with the representatives of various film professions at the Transatlantyk Festival Poznan 2013! 

Full program has been announced, and the registration has begun!

This year, August 2-9, distinguished guests will visit Poznan, once again; they will lead extremely popular, free and open Master Classes on various aspects of the creation of feature films, television productions and video games. Among them, there will be composer, Marco Beltrami ("The Hurt Locker") and director, Petr Zelenka ("Buttoners," "Loners"). From the script, through acting, directing, cinematography, financing, the struggles of a producer, to production, and sound and video post-production; all this and much more, during the seven days of intensive lectures and meetings with the creators of the presented films.

Sound and Music

This year's Transatlantyk Master Classes will also include lectures on all stages of sound production for film, television and video games. Composer Marco Beltrami will talk about composing music for Hollywood productions, Dave Porter, about a specific work routine of a composer of music for television shows. Michael P Aust (SoundTrack_Cologne) will lead a meeting with other guests, on the composition of music for video games. Peter Golub will tell us about the functions performed by the music director of the Sundance Institute and the present state of film music in independent American productions; Marc Marder will talk about a unique role of music in silent films.

Piotr Czarnecki, the president of the bank, will deliver a lecture on an organizational structure of an orchestra, which will be performing live, as a model of the organizational functioning.

Maggie Rodford, British music consultant who was responsible for overseeing the production of over 80 films, will tell us how the roles are divided during the film sound production. Master Class will also be lead by David MacMillan, winner of three Academy Awards for "Best Sound Editing," who will discuss the process of sound recording in the era of digital film and Vasco Hexel will talk about the tools of a modern film composer. 

Joanna Napieralska, sound operator, lecturer at the Department of Sound Engineering at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw will lead classes on sound design; Dominika Kotarba, sound director will present a lecture "An Eye in the Ear;" Icelander, Elisabet Ronaldsdóttir, who worked with Baltasar Kormákur will talk about sound editing. 

Piotr Ługowski will lead a series of meetings on modern and easily accessible recording technology for low-budget films. 

In a unique meeting, accordionist, Tuur FLORIZOONE, will present how to create a film score in an unconventional way.


Director and screenwriter, Petr Zelenka will present a lecture on "The death of the film." 

Xawery Żuławski will conduct all-day-long directing workshops at the Rozbitek Institute; in Poznan, we will have a chance to meet with  director, Magdalena Łazarkiewicz.

Film and Television Production

Independent producer, Zachary Matz (among others, "City Island") will talk about film production, deriving from his many years of experience in the industry. Experienced producer, Larry Sanitsky, will describe the modes of television production in the United States.

We will also learn how the production of independent films looks like in the U.S, from the perspective of Chad Hartigan and Martha Cunningham, young directors associated with the Sundance Institute and creators of two excellent pictures, presented at Transatlantyk in the section Sundance ("This is Martin Bonner" and "Valentine Road"). 

Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier, creators of "The Moo Man," will address alternative production methods of the films that you dream of making, and the ways these films can reach theatre audiences.


We will be able to learn the art of script writing from Shem Bitterman, well-known to the Transatlantyk audiences, author of theater plays that have been performed also at the Rozbitek Institute, and movie scripts ("The Job," "Influence"); he will focus on a very interesting topic of writing a script based on biographical threads.

Acting workshops

Acting workshops in the CK Zamek will be lead by distinguished Polish actors, Marian Dziędziel ("The Dark House," "Traffic Department") and Michał Żurawski

New technologies in the picture

And finally, lecturers of ALVERNIA STUDIOS, will lead workshops on new technologies, special effects, cinematography and motion capture (in films and games), and in CK Zamek, during the workshops lead by Jacek Szymczak and Robert Woźniak, we will be introduced to cinematographic technology and the latest camera equipment.

Graphics and Design

Workshop on graphics and design will be lead by the author of the logo and the poster of this year's Festival, Daniel Horowitz.

On top of all that, we will also participate in a meeting with Weronika Rosati, on the history of American cinema.

And finally, we would like to invite everyone to workshops conducted by Legalna Kultura (Legal Culture) on the circulation of culture and its fate in the digital era. 

All Master Classes will be held at the Centrum Kultury ZAMEK and the Institute Rozbitek. These workshops are free and open to the public, the only participation requirement is filling up a reservation form at, beforehand. 

Program of the Workshops, Discussion Panels and Q&A's may be downloaded here.

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