Master Classes

Prestigious Master Classes are for the film and music industry, students of arts and technical sciences, technicians and young and acknowledged artists. Held in several-hour blocks, TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL Master Classes are designed to broaden and enrich specialist knowledge on film and/or music. The participants can receive feedback from an experienced authority. Such a form of interaction is tremendous value for young artists, because it does not impose any strict frames. A direct contact between the master and the disciple it is the most conducive to individual development and creation.

Many a time the meetings and master classes give young artists an impetus to make a leap forward in their creative pursuits. They will bring young creators into contact with Polish and foreign film and music artists, which often results in cooperation and joint projects. These educational activities combine to foster an open artistic community focused around TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL.
Attendance at master classes is free of charge.

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