USA, documentary, 2016, 75 min.
dir. Christopher LaMarca
starring: Michael Moss, Dana Kristal, Zac Jasper-Miller
One of the most praised American documentaries of the season, the one about which the critics wrote, “This film could be shoot by Terence Malick, if only he’d like to go for a documentary cinema about the US province”. They were right, as Boone is a beautiful , poetic story about the life of a countryman. Yet, it is not what we would imagine it to be – full of hardship and suffering. The three protagonists of Boone, American farmers, do know that this is a profession which has an uncertain future (which we learn while eavesdropping on fragments of conversation), but in fact, they don’t care much. They want to work best, doing what they love the most. And what they love most is farming. That is why Boone shows not so much the life, but a lifestyle, in a very honest way. The everyday reality presented in the film is strange to us, but maybe this is why deep inside our hearts we long for it. 

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