Monsieur Mayonnaise

Germany/Australia, documentary, 2016, 95 min.
dir. Trevor Graham
starring Philippe Mora, Mirka Mora
What does the Australian director have in common with the II World War and… mayonnaise? Well, it is the figure of his father. Generally speaking: Georges Mora (born in Leipzig as Gunter Morawski) was a member of French opposition, together with the famous mime Marcel Marceau he helped transport Jewish children to Switzerland. Years passed, and Philippe Mora decided to pay tribute to his father (who, when the war ended, emigrated to Australia) and get to know the histories of the people he rescued during the war. Therefore, Monsieur Mayonnaise is a mixture of a historical and art-related documentary (Georges’ adventures are translated by his son into the language of a visual novel), with some savvy cuisine elements. And yes, mayonnaise plays a pretty important role here. Philippe Mora is going to tell us more about working on the movie and the story of his family when he personally visits us at Transatlantyk!

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