Spain, documentary, 2016, 75 min.
dir. Angel Parra, Jose Antonio Blanco
starring: Eneko Atxa, Jiro Ono
Can you remember the famous document Jiro Dreams of Sushi, telling the story of Jiro Ono, a senior master of this traditional Japanese dish for which people from all over the world arrive to his restaurant? This 90-year-old chef appears also in this year’s Culinary Cuisine cinema film titled Soul. But he is not the only protagonist here– it is also a story about the life of Eneko Atxy, an excellent cook from Spain. What do they have in common? Well they both run Michelin 3-star restaurants. How are they different? Apart from this one similarity, completely! Atxa and Ono were brought up in two utterly different culinary traditions. Now they meet to teach each other how to discover the tastes of their respective local cuisines.
Nearly 40-year-old Atxa believes in tradition, even though he is in love with the modern approach to the culinary art; his cuisine is more like a laboratory. Meanwhile, Ono hasn’t changed much in his technique of preparing the exquisite sushi for the last 80 years (he began to work when he was still just a boy). Watch Soul and learn what to do to get three Michelin stars, the most prestigious grant in gastronomy (or rather: who you need to be, as in cuisine, just like in life, everything depends on… the soul). 

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