Czekolada / Chocolat

France / Cameroon, drama, 1988, 105 min.
dir. Claire Denis
starring: Isaach De Bankole, Francois Cluzet, Michelle Perrier
A French colony in Africa. The main heroine, a small girl, watches the surrounding world simple-heartedly and does not realize how black people are treated by white colonists (and they are treated exceptionally bad). With age, she opens her eyes to the inhumanity of the ruling system. How did her past influence the present times? Warmly welcomed, nominated for the César Award and the Golden Palm in Cannes, Claire Denis’ film presents a remarkably interesting approach towards social inequalities, as seen by a sensitive woman. At the same time, Chocolat asks important questions regarding humanism and the traces of powerful events from childhood which remain inside of us forever.

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