Gold Diggers

Great Britain, experimental drama, 1983, 89 min.
dir. Sally Potter
starring: Julie Christie, Siobhan Davies, Kassandra Colson
Science-fiction? Drama? Musical? Let us try and label this seemingly impossible to be classified in any way film debut by Sally Potter (director of i.a. Orlando) as an “experimental drama”, because this term is probably the best when it comes to representing the mood of Gold Diggers. We are going to see how the lives of two women – Celeste, a bank clerk, and Ruby, a film star who obsessively returns to her childhood in order to find the truth about herself – intertwine. This is a unique, individual film, deprived of the classical script form and the cause-and-effect relationship. In addition, it was made by an all-female crew and cast, which is crucial for the main theme of this year’s Transatlantyk. If we are going to look for the Power of Women, we will definitely find it in Gold Diggers.

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