Don't Blink Robert Frank

Germany, documentary film, 2015, 82 min.
dir. Laura Israel
He has seen much more than an average person - literally and lyrically; this refers both to a crazy and incredibly interesting life of a notable photographer – Robert Frank – as well as his patient eye which made him famous. Born in a family of rich Jews, he left his home at the age of 20 to explore the world – starting from the North America, through the South America, to end up on the British Isles. His pictures revolutionized the development of photography: Frank’s photos are all rough and realistic. And such was his album The Americans, in which he portrayed all social classes of the USA and finally debunked the myth of America being the Promised Land. He cooperated with beatniks, shot feature films, documentaries and experiments, but above all of that, he remained a multidisciplinary artist who has had the courage to take up new challenges in art. This German documentary directed by Laura Israel focuses on the great Robert Frank. We are going to see it during Transatlantyk, on the 93rd birthday of the still active artist.

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