Jerry Lewis: Man Behind The Clown

USA, documentary, 2016, 61 min dir. Gregory Monro
One of the most famous American comedians of the 20th century; a man whose jokes made the lives of millions of viewers brighter and an artist about whom not long ago practically nobody has heard; Jerry Lewis unexpectedly disappeared from the public life in the early 1970s. Behind a colourful clown mask in which he appeared on the screen, there was a completely different face. Why was Jerry Lewis liked in Europe and not in the USA? Why some regarded him as a poor actor, while others valued his exceptional input in the development of cinematography? In the documentary Jerry Lewis: Man Behind The Clown, you are about to get to know an exceptional artist, the author of such figures as Nutty Professor or Bellboy, who at the same time remains totally anonymous to many people. You will get to know who is actually hidden behind the clown mask. 

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