Final Recipe


Director: Gina Kim
Country of origin: South Korea / Thailand
Release Year: 2013
Runtime: 97 min
Starring: Michelle Yeoh, Chin Man, Tseng Chang

The biggest television cooking competition is approaching rapidly. The participants who wish for bewildering career and fulfillment of their dreams are coming from all over the world. Among them, there is Mark, who has a great culinary talent, but also a large share of bad luck. He did not register for the competition in time. At the spur of the moment, though, he decides to cheat the fate and remain in the game. Pretending to be the absent participant from Russia, he seduces the jury with his cuisine and resourcefulness. Despite the success, however, he is still not sure if he should follow this path in life. 

To Mark, advancing seems like a great happiness, but soon, it turns out that the faster he moves up the career ladder the greater of the problem grows right next to him. Competition is lurking right behind his back. In the meantime, a love story is woven in this tale of rivalry. Julia, one of the members of the jury, sees something more in Mark than just a talented cook. He brings back the memory of her husband, from a distant past, who once was prominent in culinary profession and today is a resigned man who completely lost his passion for cooking. Now, when Mark and her husband face each other in a culinary battle, Julia realizes how much the two men have in common. 

"Final Recipe" is a great family cinema that faces the main character with the question: passion or family? Will grandfather be able to accept Mark's choice? And will Mark be able to oppose, if he does not? The stakes are high because the families in Gina Kim's film are portrayed fondly and with warmth, like cozy worlds, which no one wants to leave, especially for an uncertain profession where competition is huge.

Urszula Lipińska