Griff The Invisible

dir. Leon Ford, Australia 2010, 90 min.

Super-heroism, science and love, are three well tested methods of coping with loneliness. Griff is committed to fighting against crime on the streets of Australia, Melody escapes into the world of books and science. They both want to blend into and just disappear. However, maybe somehow, they still can manage to join forces and defeat the overwhelming resistance of the matter?

Someone once said that a well-told problem on quantum physics could be much more interesting than science fiction. If she ever heard these words, Melody would shake her head because she knows that science can be a brilliant way to escape the world. Even though she has been trying really hard, she does not seem to be able to communicate with people and the world. So she buries herself in books, where there is scientific and useful knowledge flowing. As a part of her experiments, she sometimes hits a wall or door to study the transmission of a matter. Although, she may also be doing it in an attempt to break through to the other side and make a meaningful contact with the environment. She definitely would try to get into the world, where Griff lives (Ryan Kwanten, or Jason Stackhouse from the TV series "True Blood"). It seems as if he is playing a leading role in the Ford's film, but probably he would rather play someone less noticeable. Griff has no intensions to make contact with anyone, and he has managed to turn his awkwardness, frightenedness and withdrawal into a buffer in his contacts with the world. However, at night, he puts on a mask and a costume with a big G on the chest and sets out to defend Australian neighborhood from miscreants. Actually, he would like to be invisible, literally, and figuratively blend into the wall. If these two join forces, they may be able to overcome the resistance of a matter.

Light magic realism (it immediately brings to mind Wes Anderson's films) and colored world of the Ford's film is a good background for the characters to blend into. Kwanten, thanks to the role of Jason, one hundred percent human Sookie Stackhouse's brother who is constantly surrounded by paranormal phenomenons, vampires and werewolves, has perfected his astonishment with the world. Griff and Jason also have something else in common, at all costs, they try to hang on to the rails of normalcy and stay in touch with the so-called reality. But where does it end and where it begins?  And what are the laws of reality? Even quantum physicists tend to have problems with the answer to this question. 

Kaja Klimek

Festivals and awards: Toronto International Film Festival 2010, Berlin International Film Festival 2010, Fantastic Filmfest 2011 Australian Film Institute Awards 2012 (Best Original Screenplay).