In God we trust


Director: Derek Anderson / Victor Kubicek
Country of origin: USA
Release Year: 2013
Runtime: 82 minutes
Music: Craig Deleon, Gareth Williams

This documentary, bursting from observations, claims, questions and accusations tells a story of the collapse of the financial pyramid built by Bernard L. Madoff. For many years, this powerful New York financier was awe-inspiring in his field, and became the embodiment of the American dream - a man who started with nothing and climbed up to the top. Somewhere in the late 80's and 90's of the last century, his investment fund began to turn into to a pyramid scheme, whose existence was hidden on a secret floor of his company, a place completely separated from the rest and operated in the ignorance of the majority of employees. Before long, this sneaky pyramid has become a black hole, consuming increasingly larger amounts of money and a growing number of people's dreams. The structure kept absorbing more and more of Madoff's associates and family members, his sons, wife, brother and niece. And robbed the people who trusted the fund with their money taking away their life savings, peaceful retirement, security for their children and the money set aside for a rainy day. 

More resumes, dreams and fortunes laid in ruins when the case was discovered. Investigation conducted in the film reveals, step by step, other parties involved in the gigantic scam and replays its course far beyond what happened in the courtroom. In fact, court proceedings were very short; Madoff confessed to committing a crime and was sentenced to 150 years in prison. This, however, turned out to be just the beginning of the discovery of the structure where he was the brain, lived a double life and provided the same life style to some of his colleagues and his family, although not all family members knew what kind of business the head of the family actually run. 

Urszula Lipińska