dir. Amit Gupta, UK 2013, 80 min

Jadoo means 'Magic' in Hindi. The film directed by Amit Gupta tells a story of two brothers, Raja and Yaga, both wonderful chefs, who fall out so catastrophically that they tear the fabled family recipe book in half; one brother gets the starters and the other gets the main courses. They set up rival restaurants on opposite sides of the road. Unfortunately, both brothers can now only cook half of the perfect traditional Indian meals; this drives both of them crazy. This is a delicious comedy about food, family feuds, relationships and love’s trials.

Special guest:
Amit Gupta, director and writer for the film, theater and television. His film "Jadoo" premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013.


amuse bouche
poached oysters with pomegranate and masala vinaigrette, yellow curry foam

sea scallops, aloo gobi, cappers and raisins

main course
roasted lamb haunch, cardamon and chili chickpea, coriander yoghurt

carrot halvah, coconut mouse and cardamom tuile

Jakub Adamczyk - chef at Winosfera in Warsaw. He gained his experience in the two-Michelin-starred London Square Restaurant in Mayfair. In his work, he loves to surprise guests with original culinary combinations.






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