dir. Fien Troch, Belgium 2012, 90 min

Still shots of children's rooms open the film. The rooms are sterile and cold - objects create a kind of still life in the interiors, which should be full of life. Since the very beginning of the film, we feel that something is wrong. We are in the Belgian provinces surrounded by forests, where a supermarket is the main meeting place, a tractor is the most popular vehicle, and a pig is an animal we encounter the most frequently. Everything seems to be ordinary, but the kids here are somehow sad. Actually, a few years-old Kid, who lives with his mother and a brother, merely older than him, really has no reason to laugh. They do not have much money; the father left the family, and the mother is suffering from depression. Everything around is strangely empty and bleak - just like on Television that consumes the time of a title character. We are observing the reality through the prism of Kid - Frank van den Eeden's camera lens adopts the child's perspective.

It could seem that this world in its inertia could last indefinitely. However, things get worse, and children, deprived of their mother, are sent to aunt and uncle; who are good people, but the emptiness there becomes even more unbearable. Disturbing interiors and landscapes describe it much stronger than acting. Colorless, motionless, without properties, they are what this leisurely film is woven of. 35-year-old Fien Troch, the director and the screenwriter of "Kid," tells the story, mainly, through the atmosphere and the states her characters are in, states they are projecting onto their environment. In 2005 already, she conquered an international film festival in Thessaloniki with her feature-length debut "Someone else's happiness." No wonder her work was so liked there - a surreal style of the artist, who is growing to be a great hope of the Belgian cinema, can be compered to the Greek new wave.

Adam Kruk

Major festivals: Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2012
, Mumbai International Film Festival 2012