dir. Spiros Stathouloupoulos, Germany / Greece / France 2012

Transantlantyk Panorama

Lonely monastery on a high mountain. From here, it seems to be closer to God than to the rest of humanity and mundane matters that absorb the minds of mere mortals. However, appearances can be deceiving because, in this secluded place, spirituality and serenity are being disrupted by painfully prosaic dilemma and tragically primitive instincts. Daily prayer does not help with overcoming the desires; the nearness of God is not able to distract from sinful thoughts. A monk and a nun finally fall into each other's arms. They think that no one is watching, that they will be able to keep their meeting a secret, and no one will prevent them from leading two lives - one deeply religious, and the other one entirely incompatible with what the religion teaches.

However, in Stathoulopoulos's film no external force is necessary. No superior church structures will interfere with this affair, seek justice, or decide for lovers and show them the right way. It seems that the two lovers first recognize the conflict and the contradictory ideas they have been living by. They will have to ask themselves the most important question. And finally, the worst of it all - they alone will have to answer it.

(Urszula Lipińska)

Major festivals: Berlin International Film Festival 2012