Mussels in Love

dir. Willemiek Kluijfhout, Belgium/ Netherlands 2012

Culinary Cinema

In "Mussels in Love,” Willemiek Kluijfhout, a Dutch director, also uses the metaphor of the family as the core of the film; film that seems to be telling a story of the developmental cycle of mussels, but it actually talks about a passion for farming, reproducing, observing, and of course, in the end - eating mussels. The number of restaurants awarded by Michelin and world-renowned chefs is surprisingly high for such a small country; the Dutch turned eating mussels into a national sport; however, the love for these elusive creatures fills nearly every frame in this poetic film, giving them human qualities and causing a genuine feeling of compassion when we watch them land in boiling water ...

Special guests:
Willemiek Kluijfhout, director of the film "Mussels in Love." He was born in 1971 in Holland. She studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, and in 2000, she graduated from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy with a degree in directing.

Tuur Florizoone, famous accordionist and composer. He was born in 1978 and very quickly became one of the most respected musicians in the Netherlands. His extraordinary stage presence and passion made the accordion something more than ... just a simple accordion.


Homemade bread, brown butter, salt and seaweed

amuse - bouche
Razor clam tartare with creme fraiche, lavender oil and baby onion

first course
Scallops and 45 - minute oyster with compressed cucumber, billberry, verbena granita and borage

main course
Codfish with ash, crispy skin, shallot and  blue mussels

Butter, garlic, salt


Witold Iwański, Chef at the restaurants Aruana, Narvil Hotel Conference & Spa, Serock. He actively participates in industry events, competitions, trade fairs, training courses, etc. In 2006, he had the pleasure to take part in the VI Italian Cuisine Competition.  His win allowed him to participate in the Polish Culinary Cup, the most prestigious national cookery competition organized by the Poznan International Fair, where he won the first prize. The following year, as one of the first Poles, he got an internship at the Institute of Poul Bocuse in Lyon, France. In 2008, he won the Grand Prix in the competition "Discovery of the Year," held by "Kuchnia" monthly. Currently, together with Ewa Wachowicz, he is a host of the show "Przez żołądek do serca" (The Way to a Man’s Heart is through his Stomach) on Polsat Cafe Channel. In 2009, together with Przemek Kaczor, he was the laureate of the prestigious L'Art de la cuisine Martell. Once again, he took part in the battle for Polish Culinary Cup and won the second place. He is continuously improving his knowledge and skills. In May 2012, he held an internship at the best restaurant in Norway, two Michelin-starred Maaemo.





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