Oh Boy

dir. Jan Ole Gerster, Germany 2012, 83 min.

Nico lost faith in everything. The world is cruel, unsuccessfully put together, ungrateful. The chance for happiness does not seem to come from any direction, so it stays really unclear which way in life to go. Faced with this dilemma, Nico chooses a path to nowhere. A journey without purpose or meaning, alone and without hope that someone is waiting for him at the end. He drops out of school and wonders through the City of Berlin - full of overwhelming architecture and populated by strange people. The future does not interest him. What matters is living from one day to the next: life with a relative lack of responsibilities, contemplative and immorally stretched in lazy observation of surrounding him reality.

Nico finds a dingy apartment, but it is just a taste of his desire and plan not to move forward. He has already ceased to believe in the future. He does not feel stability anywhere, he does not like anything. He encounters funny and bitter situations, he welcomes both with equal indifference - the director always portraits it through black and white film, with no artificial drama, no pretentious music or over-studied shots.

Urszula Lipińska

Major festivals: Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2012, Munich Film Festival 2012, The International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013.