Parallax Sounds - Chicago

dir: Augusto Contento, France/Germany 2012, 96 min.

Polish Premiere

A hidden story - the metropolis imagined in music. Musicians from all over the world met in Chicago and created a music that escapes from a fixed label: A response to the metropolitan environment and the search of a generation for a meaning of life. The film makes a journey through Chicago with musicians like David Grubbs or Nirvana-producer Steve Albini to plunge into the connection of music and architecture. A meditation on the city of Chicago and an indeep insight in the Chicago Postrock scene – award-winning director Augusto Contento gives us a very different impression of President Obamas hometown.

Post Rock, a sound which combines elements of Jazz and experimental music and favours drawn-out, extended structures. The best-known proponent of this music, which was frequently used as film music, is probably the band project Tortoise. The urban landscape of Chicago is the main source of inspiration for Post Rock. In “Parallax Sounds” we experience the musical protagonists of this style in their home environment. A visually impressive longterm study which explores the relationship between city and music – featuring Steve Albini, Ken Vandermark, David Grubbs and many others