Directed by Jérôme Enrico, France 2012, 87 min


Finally, the day came when Paulette had to tell herself "enough is enough!" She just counted her last pension and realized that she could not afford anything. Bills consume all the money and sentence her to life in poverty. She cannot take it any longer. But what to do? A solution falls into Paulette's hands with a bag of drugs thrown away by a dealer fleeing from the police. As a result, this nice old lady pays a local gang a visit and proposes a fair deal: she will cover for them, but in return she will be allowed to deal drugs with them and keep her cuts. The men having their backs to the wall have no choice; they take this inconspicuous old lady under their wing.

Now, everyday Paulette puts little packages in a wicker basket and takes them to a small neighbourhood market. The business quickly begins to prosper, and the old lady discovers she has a business sense and creativity that allow her to develop her business even further. After a short while, gangsters may have to start learning from her how to make a lot of money. Because Paulette’s idea soon starts attracting more and more customers as she perfectly engages other old ladies from the neighborhood, flawlessly distracts the police, and at the same time brings unusual pleasure to everyone around her.

(Urszula Lipińska)

Major festivals: Festa do Cinema Frances 2012