Pyszoty - culinary workshops for children

Culinary workshops for children

How to prepare favorite snacks of our fairytale characters while learning and having fun with cooking? We will present it during our culinary workshops. The little ones will be dressed in the outfits of real cooks and together, we will embark on a culinary fairy-tale journey. We will teach them how to prepare all the ingredients; then, we will reveal the recipes for the dishes of Winnie the Pooh, Szewczyk Dratewka (poor cobbler’s apprentice from the Legend of the Wawel Dragon) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Additionally, we will advise the youngest ones on how to serve their dishes and follow culinary savoir-vivre. During the workshops, children will learn to recognize and name individual ingredients by focusing on their characteristic features. They will find out where our friends, vitamins live and how to properly evaluate the taste of a dish; they will be able to sample, taste and experiment. Through these workshops, we shape children’s positive attitude towards food and create healthy eating habits for life.

Information on the instructors:

Isabella Wojdyła, creator and founder of Pyszoty. She has been associated with gastronomy for 13 years. Her passion for gastronomy and children, the knowledge that she acquired while studying at the University of Life Sciences, and her work at a preschool, made her realize how much we need Pyszoty to be able to educate our children and provide them with healthy and safe nutrition. In their every day lives, members of Pyszoty feed preschoolers. This group of nutritionists, psychologists and fans of good food, through fun of cooking and talking with children teaches them how to eat both healthy and tasty, at the same time.

Zuzanna Połczyńska graduated Nutrition Studies at the Medical University in Poznan. Her Master's Thesis were devoted to the analysis of eating habits among school children. Currently, she is working at Pyszoty, where she is creating balanced menus tailored to the age and development of children and offers counseling on food allergies. Additionally, since 2011, she has been actively promoting healthy eating habits through her culinary-educational workshops conducted in preschools and nurseries. In her relations with children, she is trying to pass on her knowledge about healthy eating and experience that she gained during her postgraduate studies. 

Kalina Gniady was born in 1983. She was a fast growing child and quickly reached her 168 centimeters of hight. Like any tall young person, she is a smiling volcano of energy who constantly walks here and there, leaving everybody she meets with some of her energy. Since 2011, she has been working with Pyszoty and conducting culinary-educational workshops in preschools and nurseries. She graduated the State Higher Vocational School in Płock, department of Childcare and School Counseling and Art Education.