The Attack

dir. Ziad Doneiri, Liban/France/Belgium 2012, 102 min

Is it possible not to know a person whom you have spent fifteen years with? Amin, an appreciated doctor from Tel Aviv, was convinced that it was not possible. Until one day, in the middle of the night, he was called to the morgue, only to find out his wife's body was there. From this moment, his world turns around one hundred eighty degrees. Peaceful everyday existence is compromised by strangers who come and say that Kim, behind her husband's back, had been leading a second life on the dark, criminal side of the force. 

For Amin, the death of his wife starts an avalanche of endless questions. Kim never kept any secrets from him, she was always by his side - faithful, loving and trustworthy. To find peace Amin decides to travel into the past, and follows the trail that Kim had traveled over the last few years of her life. Positive memories are being erased by bad feelings; more and more often hatred and the sense of being deceived by a woman take the place of love. Slowly, Amin starts to connect all the dots. What will be the picture of his wife that emerges from it all?

(Urszula Lipińska)

Major festivals: Toronto International Film Festival 2012, San Sebastian International Film Festival 2012, Goteborg Film Festival 2013