The Daughter/ I Kori

dir. Thanos Anastopoulos, Greece / Italy 2012, 87 min

In his third film (the action of each film is set in Athens, and they all portrait Greek society) Anastopoulos seems to be saying that the crises is the real Greek tragedy, which has encumbered future generations with "the sins of the fathers." This is what the director focuses on here. Fourteen-year-old Myrto (Savina Alimani) kidnaps eight-year-old Aggelos (Aggelos Papadimas) from school and locks him at the sawmill, which until recently was run by their fathers together. The sawmill fell victim to the crisis, that was not generated by the general economic situation, but it resulted from greed. Myrto's debt-laden father disappeared, and the girl blames his business partner for that. By kidnaping Aggelos, she wants to have her revenge and wants to retrieve her father's money. 

Stylistically, Anastopoulos's social thriller goes beyond the raw "little realism" and the documentary photographs of the riot-stricken Athens are accompanied by poetic captures of a forest, where the logging continues. This carnage makes sense as long as it makes the forest stronger and the ecosystem remains intact. The crisis begins when greed pushes people to cut  down the healthy trees, as well.  

In the twilight of the mill full with wooden boards Myrto reads dictionary definitions of the words: "debt," "responsibility" and "collaps." However, a Greek word “πλάνη” has a double meaning here; it does not only mean "collapse" but it also means "jack-plane," a tool which the girl's father used with passion and tenderness. The director confronts the two fathers, and thus he confronts two attitudes towards work; one is filled with passion; the other one with calculation (the scene where Aggelos watches his son with pride when the latter one is counting money). Both approaches have a whole system of values behind them, which parents later pass onto their children. Children who now are filled with growing rage that is so great that they are ready to set the world on fire.  (masa)

Major festivals and awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2013, Forum Section
Greek Film Awards 2013: Best Screenplay (Thanos Anastopoulos and Vasilis Yiatsis), Best Cinematography (Elias Adamis), Best Director (Thanos Anastopoulos)