The Fifth Season / La cinquième saison

dir. Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth, Belgium /Netherlands/France, 2012, 93 min.


A small village in a remote area of Belgium. One of those places where life goes on in its own rhythm: a lot slower than elsewhere, in harmony with the nature that surrounds people, in the universal peace and harmony. However, it soon becomes clear, that this peace is a carefully constructed illusion. Something is not right. Spring does not seem to visit the town, while gloom has become firmly established. Restless nature does not know how to react to the impaired alternation of the seasons. No wonder the frustration of the inhabitants gradually grows. They would like to find the culprit of their depressing position, but they are not sure who they should point the finger at. Should they point it and scold Mother Nature? Or search for the guilty one in the ranks of the town's inhabitants? Or maybe opt out investigations and patiently wait until everything simply goes back to normal? In a hypnotic reality, that directors created on the screen, it is difficult to find such a reasonable solution, as that aforementioned. Most of the time a surreal story contained in "The Fifth Season" travels through unusual paths and ventures in the recesses that are wild and unpredictable. However, the magic of this place finally vanishes. Grim reality will eventually spread its arms and reassert order. It seems though that establishing it will not happen without casualties.

(Urszula Lipińska)

Major festivals: Venice Film Festival 2012, Toronto International Film Festival 2012, Goteborg Film Festival 2013, the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013