The Spirit of '45

dir. Ken Loach, UK 2013, 94 min.

This time, Ken Loach, the Palme d'Or winner for the film "The Wind That Shakes the Barley,"  follower of raw documentary style and social activist who is sensitive to human harm, goes back in time. He continues his own idea, from the television miniseries "Days of Hope" that he directed in 1975, and takes a look into the archives: newsreels, propaganda films and creations of the amateur audiovisual culture. He weaves a film that walks the audience through the nooks and corners of 1945, the year that was a true turning point in the British history. In this country heavily destroyed by war, people learn once again how to be a nation, a cohesive group that takes care of its members. They desperately search for hope and believe that after the grim times filled with pain the sunny years will come. The Labour party wins big in the elections and can independently rule the country. That is an exceptional moment because it influences the entire subsequent history of Great Britain and civic attitudes towards the state. It is particularly important when Margaret Thatcher appears on the political landscape of this country.

(Urszula Lipińska)

Major festivals: Berlin International Film Festival 2013, Sydney Film Festival 2013