Agatha Dominik

Screenwriter, specialized in book adaptations, working for such film studios as Beacon, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Universal, Fox 2000 and Miramax. She began her career at TriStar-Columbia and Summers-Quaid, first to learn more about the film industry and then, to use this experience and pursue a career as a screenwriter. In 2006 she wrote the script for the “Human Trafficking” mini-series, starring e.g. Donald Sutherland, Robert Carlyle and Mira Sorvino. Agatha Dominik’s workshop will focus on the general rules of constructing and developing the script on the basis of various sources – an original concept, an article, a book, a short story, a true story, etc. Participants will discuss some case studies to learn more about the principles of visual and dramatical storytelling, without dialogue. The level of difficulty will depend on the participants’ needs. 

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