Andrzej Maleszka

Film director, author of novels, scripts and plays. Winner of Emmy Award and several dozen of prestigious awards at the film festivals. One of the best European directors for the young audience. He is also the author of The Magic Tree novel, a best-selling series of children’s books which has been translated into a number of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, French and Korean. In 2009, Maleszka received the Book of the Year Award, an accolade conferred by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). 
His works combine motifs drawn from both fantasy and reality. They are set amidst present-day realities in a contemporary world encroached upon by uncanny, magical events. However, despite their fantastical elements, his films also broach vital social topics. He has a superb understanding of the child’s world and tells his stories from that point of view. As a director, he is a master of working with child actors and the roles they create in his films are outstanding. His cinematic works are screened all over the world.

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