Arkadiusz Jakubik

A graduate of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wrocław, actor, and member of the Polish Film Academy, ArkadiuszJakubik is also the lead singer of the rock band Dr Misio. He started acting as a child in the 1977 picture Okrągłytydzień, but he won true acclaim for his roles in WojciechSmarzowski'sWesele (The Wedding) and Dom zły (The Dark House).  In 1993 he made his opperetta debut in Strauss's The Bat staged by OperetkaWarszawska. His first theatre role was in the play Shopping and fucking for Warsaw's TeatrRozmaitości. At present, he is acting in the monodrama JA for Teatr IMKA and the play Oskar i Ruth for TeatrPowszechny.  His 2012 role of GustawZarzycki in the biopic JesteśBogiem (You Are God) by LeszekDawid earned him a nomination for the Golden Duck Award presented by the Film monthly.  In 2013 he starred in WojchechSmarzowski's sensational thriller Drogówka (Traffic Department). In the same year he created the poignant portrayal of Father in Chcesiężyć (Life Feels Good), MaciejPieprzyca's moving drama.   Last winter he appeared as a voice actor in the dubbed version of Snezhnayakoroleva, a Russian animated adaptation of Andersen's The Snow Queen. He is now working on the set of Jacek Lusiński's production Carte Blanche. 2014 brought him the Polish Film Award, the Eagle, for Best Male Supporting Role.

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