Balanescu Quartet

Balanescu Quartet is one of the top contemporary bands. It was formed in 1987 by Romanian violinist, composer and arranger Alexander Balanescu. Considered to be a visionary, he has been a member of Michael Nyman Ensemble and Arditti Quartet, cooperated with e.g. London Sinfonietta, Pina Baush or Peter Greenaway. Together with his quartet he played with Kate Bush, David Byrne, Jack de Johnette, Ornette Coleman, Gavin Bryars, Spiritualized and even Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones and Goldfrapp. His music reaches beyond the possibilities of classical string quartets. It is an energetic blend of different genres, combining electronic, jazz, classical and minimal music, often based on drum machines and improvisation. During the the Transatlantyk Festival Balanescu Quartet will present the eccentric compositions for “Angels and Insects” (Oscar and Palme d'Or nominations), based on a Morpho Eugenia’s novel and directed by Philip Haas. The concert will also include soundtrack pieces composed by Alexander Balanescu to “Il Partigiano Johnny” directed by Guido Chiesa as well as to Hungarian “Tablo” by Gábor Dettre. Balanescu Quartet concerts are equally successful in cosy clubs and in great venues for thousands of fans, such as Wembley Arena or New York’s Knitting Factory. 

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