Bartek Kulas

Director / Screenwriter
A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the Wajda School. He is a director,
screenwriter, animator, designer as well as the creator of music videos for Geppert, Przemyk, and Groniec. Multiple winner of film festivals (Krakow Film Festival, T-Mobile New Horizons, Anchorage, OFAFA, Anim'est ...). His film Millhaven, was invited to more than 50 different festivals around the world. His most recent, visionary film is “ Circus Maximus” . Bartek is making his debut in feature films. Just like Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam, Kulas comes from the world of animation. He uses a rich palette of what technology can offer including special effects, and 3D animation.
“Circus Maximus” is a syncretic film. It combines its creator’s love for such forms as musical and animation. The aesthetic momentum of the movie reminds of Broadway productions, hence it is difficult to ascribe it clearly to a particular genre. That is why the film defies traditional aesthetic and formal standards. It is difficult to take your eyes off it, and after leaving the cinema, it is hard to switch to the every-day reality. The film is a tale of initiation into adulthood, the need to confront your own weaknesses and risks, which are inherent to the pursuit of dreams. Bartek Kulas is like his films - defiant, misaligned, invariably surprised that he exists.

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