Ture Sjoberg began to collect vinyls and pursue his professional DJ carrier in the 1980s, inspired by the growing popularity of dance music: house, hip hop and rare groove scene. Inspired by Tom Moulton’s mixing, he created his first releases for the Raw Fusion label. His debut album was called "Adventures in the world of no-fi beats". It is a unique combination of disco beats, Latin grooves and hip hop. His next step was to set up his own studio, Soundscape Records. He released much acclaimed “The Gospel According to Beatfanatic”, five other albums and a bunch of 12” singles. Beatfanatic also released the “Sticky” track performed by Stockholm Cyclo, which was incorporated in the Hed Kandi’s compilation. Remixing has always been something Beatfanatic likes best. His present style could be described as eclectic electronic disco or cosmic nudisco.

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