Bogusław Linda

Actor / Director
An actor, director, and teacher, Bogusław Linda established the Warsaw Film School. After graduating from drama school, he acted in Cracow's Helena Morzejewska Old Theatre (1975-76), the Polish Theatre in Wrocław (1977-81), as well as the Współczesny Theatre (1981-82) and Studio Theatre (1983-86) in Warsaw. He taught at the Wrocław branch of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow (1977-81). Since 1985 and 1987 he has also worked as a theatre and film director, respectively. Some of the major films he starred in in 1981-82, including "Kobieta samotna" ("A Lonely Woman"), "Przypadek" ("Blind Chance") and "Matka Królów" ("The Mother of Kings"), were banned by censors. Once they screened in 1987, Linda established his position as one of Poland's most popular film actors, which his roles in Władysław Pasikowski's productions even strengthened. He has received the Gloria Artis Gold Medal for Services to Culture, Commander's Cross of Polonia Restituta, a major Polish order, for his "outstanding services to Polish culture, artistic achievements, and social activism". 

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