Dan Lebental

Dan is an ACE and an Academy member and he is currently mentoring USC Film students in film editing practice as well as lecturing on film post Dan Lebental has been editing in Hollywood since 1990, the year of his first feature followed closely by Hughes’ brothers film Dead Presidents (1995). He also collaborated with the brothers on From Hell (2001) and contributed extensively to their documentary American Pimp (1999). Dan met Albert and Allen Hughes while editing music videos. Dan edited over 400 music videos in his carreer, along with commercials, TV series and TV pilots before moving on to also editing feature films.
After over 20 years in the industry Dan has cut over 30 feature films (both indies and tent pole studio features) in a wide variety of genres as well as TV dramas, documentaries and shorts. His enthusiasm for good stories is matched only by his total dedication to the craft of cutting, his world-class technical expertise and his undisputed love for driving motorcycles.
Dan’s most recent feature films are Ant-Man and Thor: The Dark World for Marvel Studios. He also edited Cowboys and Aliens  (2011) for DreamWorks studios, working directly with top Hollywood producers (Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard) and renowned director Jon Favreau.
As well as Ant-Man and Thor: The Dark World, Dan’s studio portfolio includes Marvel’s sequel blockbusters Iron Man and Iron Man 2, starring Robert Downey Jr which opened to number one at the US Box Office and both combined went on to gross over a billion dollars.
Dan’s collaboration with the famous director Jon Favreau also brought audiences movies like Elf (2003) for New Line Cinema, and Zathura (2005) for Columbia Pictures.
Dan met Jon as an actor while cutting Very Bad Things (1998) a Peter Berg movie and they worked together ever since. Besides editing the majority of Jon Favreau’s movies, Dan also helped him create his TV shows Dinner for Five by editing the first season and In case of Emergency by cutting the pilot.
Throughout his career as an editor Dan also maintained and developed a close professional relationship with actor/director Vince Vaughn for whom he recently cut a documentary, Art of Conflict: The Murals of Northern Ireland (2013) as well as Universal Pictures’ The production for different international conferences. Besides mentoring students throughout his career, Dan takes pleasure in growing a new generation of editors and supporting his crew to become successful and to move on to lead their own cutting room and to edit feature films on their own.

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