Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom - musical anarchist, mood specialist. Composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist. The author of an awarded soundtrack for ‘Tulips’ movie. Daniel Bloom proves that great music can be done while consistently following ones own artistic path.

Bloom’s musical past is a journey through various sounds. He started as drummer in a punk band, made sound for the Polish Radio Theatre, played keyboard, set up two bands, composed soundtracks for movies and commercials. Capitalising on the experience gained while working in best musical studios, he created his own studio - Two Minutes Elsie Studio. Bloom’s success in each of these projects is the result of his great versatility and natural talent for making simply great music. By profession and out of great passion he is an archaeologist. During his studies, alongside his friends, he dug in the soil in quest for the treasures of the past. Today he deals with music archaeology, though his interest do not go so far in the history. He digs through various styles of the 70-ies and 80-ies and makes new fresh covers of the old hits. He is fascinated by old instruments and so one can recognize Hammond’s organs, classical instruments as well as old analogue synthesizers in his music. He describes his style as electronic Freestyle where elements of jazz mixes and interweaves with electro-kitsch sounds from 20 years ago - It is not playing with different styles - explains Bloom - this music is simply what I like.

His adventure with cinema began in 1999 with ‘Kalafiorr’ where he composed the music and played one of the roles. His talent was recognised instantly - the soundtrack was nominated for Fryderyk music award. Four years later he invited Leszek Możdżer to cooperate with him on creating the soundtrack for ‘Tulips’. The result was a great record and a prestigious nomination to Polish film award Orzeł.

‘The composer made soundtrack that gets into your brain, one of those that live in the memory much longer that the movie itself (...) For me it is a high class music, its secret lying in the amazing simplicity and harmony. Each of the tracks stimulates imagination and sends you far away. It is a record musically fresh and even after having listened to it many times I come back to it willingly’ - wrote in his review of the record Adam Krysiński. ‘Tulips’ brought Bloom not only the wide recognition in the movie world but also new offers.

- In music I like unpredictability and harmony - he says - The one that moves places on the chest.

It is sufficient to listen to the stirring tracks of the musician to see what was on his mind. Daniel Bloom is currently one of the most talented and interesting Polish musicians. The artist with fresh ideas, confident in himself and his style.

- Bloom is an extension of my imagination in the land of sounds - said the director of ‘Tulips’ Jacek Borcuch. It is hard to imagine a better possible compliment for an author of film music.


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