dr hab. Przemysław Osiewicz

Political scientist
Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (specialisation – international relations). Member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). Member of the board in the Poznań department of the Polish Society of Political Science (PTNP). Member of the board in the Poznań department of the Polish Society of Youth Hostels (PTSM). Regular member of the Society of Asia and the Pacific. Scholarship holder at Södertörn University (Sweden), Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus), the Ministry of National Education (Poland, 2001), Chinese Culture University (Taiwan, 2008), National Taipei University (Taiwan, 2009), Selçuk Üniversitesi (Turkey, 2010), the Policy Research Center of Ningbo (China, 2010), Linneaus Univerisity (Sweden, 2011), Mersin Üniversitesi (Turkey, 2011), Hogeschool Ghent (Belgium, 2012), the Ministry of Interior (Cyprus, 2012), the Institute for Political and International Studies (Iran, 2013), University of Nicosia (Cyprus, 2014), University of Cairo (Egypt, 2014). He has given lectures in Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Taiwan. Author and co-author of three monographs and over 50 scientific articles. The range of scientific interest: peaceful means for solving international disputes and conflicts, the Middle East, unacknowledged states, the issue of Cyprus, EU relations – Turkey, Iran’s foreign policy, Turkey’s foreign policy.

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