dr Marcin Fabjański

Trainer / Author of documentaries / Lecturer
Trainer, author of documentaries, lecturer at the pro-development education as well as counseling and coaching studies at the Collegium Da Vinci. The author of the first Polish handbook of philosophical practices, "Stoicyzm Uliczny" ["Street Stoicism"] and the book "Zaufaj życiu Nie zakochuj się w przelatującym wróblu " [Trust life. Do not fall in love in a flying sparrow"]. The creator of unique training courses and an authority in the field of philosophy of life and mental training. Writer and author of documentaries awarded, inter alia, the Grand Press and the Independent Press Association awards in New York. In the magazine "Coaching" he runs an author’s section "Metaphysics for a neurotic", in "Duży Format" he has a column "Architektura emocji" ["Architecture of emotion"]. He regularly writes for "Gazeta Wyborcza" and "Forbes." He is the creator of the School of Philosophy of Attunement to Life Process: www.selfoff.com.

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