Ewa Malika Szyc Juchnowicz

Chief of restaurant
Chef and owner of the restaurant Malika in Gdynia. She was born in Algeria, raised in respect for her homeland and nostalgia for Poland and its flavors; now, she searches, in various ways, for the harmony between these two cultures. She turned her life upside down and for cooking, abandoned the profession of a teacher and French language translator. She has been cooking professionally for six years. She gained her experience in Tricity restaurants and through her internships abroad. She leads culinary workshops during which, as in her own kitchen, she combines the cuisines of Maghreb and France with the gifts of Polish fields and meadows, and seasonality. Finalist of two television culinary competitions, "Gotuj o wszystko" on “Dzień Dobry TVN” and the first edition of the prestigious TOP CHEF on TV Polsat.

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