Felipe Ugarte

Musician and multidisciplinary atrtist who began music education at the age of 7  in Urnieta, choosing the accordion as his lead instrument. He is also interested in Txalaparta and traditional percussion. Between 1998 and 2005 Felipe lived in San Sebastian, Mexico and Canada, learning various techniques of traditional music. In 2000 he participated in creating the soundtrack for Elena Taverna’s film “Yoyes”. In 2001 in cooperation with dance choreographer Wilfried Van Poppel he composed music for a dance and theater company in Bremen. Finally, Felipe set up his own record label “Ugarte Anaiak” and released several albums with experimental Txalaparty and Canadian music. In 2005 he produced the “Sinaa” musical, where he worked as a musician with Bjork. “Sinaa” soundtrack turned out to be the most award-winning disc temple in 2005 in Canada. In 2007 he worked as a photographer on the set of the “Invisible” documentary, directed by Roz Mortimer and filmed in the Canadian Arctic. In 2008 he also wrote the soundtrack of the documentary “Belonging”, directed by Gerard Ungernan and narrated by Dustin Hoffman.  

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