Graham White

Graham White is an Englishman; he was born in St. Helens, Lancashire, near Liverpool, in a family of miners and glass factory workers. He graduated with distinction in History of Ideas, Literature and Political Sciences. Graham also completed postgraduate studies in Pedagogy. He created the first British Environment Centre (1980) in Edinburgh, which he ran until 2000. Currently he continues his work by fighting for protection of wild places and living creatures, writing books and taking photographs, i.a. The Scottish Environmental Handbook; The Nature of Scotland; John Muir - The Wilderness Journeys; John Muir - From Scotland to the High Sierra; Sacred Summits - John Muir's Greatest Climbs.

During the 1999 Edinburgh International Festival, Graham White organized the first and only international exhibition devoted to John Muir – a Scottish pioneer of nature preservation in the United States. He also established John Muir Award – an international award for those who put their effort to protect wild places and creatures. Until now, over 150 thousand people of various ages have received this distinction.

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