Hisako Matsui

Director / Writer / Producer
Born in 1946 Tokyo. Waseda University Alumni. After going through a carrier as magazine writer, she established a production, for actors. Essen Communications Ltd. was established in 1985 and produced TV drama programs, travel programs, documentaries and many others. Her directly début “Yukie” released in 98, was filmed in Louisiana. The story is about married couple’s love for each other for 45 years. It received high acclaim by many film festivals worldwide. Her second film “Oriume” released in 2002, written by herself. She accomplished to show an average family in Japan that devotes family love on attending care for senior in the film and 1 million viewers in first 2 years and counting. Her third film “Leonie” released in 2010, her 7 years of passion that carried out the dream: Beyond national borders, transcending generations, creating the movie that reaches the souls of people all over the world. A story of one American woman, Leonie Gilmour, mother of a worldwide known artist Isamu Noguchi, so powerful but also volnable in beautiful sceneries of Japan and the U.S.

Hisako Matsui was deeply inspired by reading Isamu’s biography, the life of Isamu Noguchi by Masayo Duus, seven years ago. An impressive mother’s life was adapted to a screenplay, after 14 versions, and filmed with assembled filmmakers from all over the world. Exceeding the differences in nationalities and the cultural barrier, the film was shot in over 11 cities in both Japan and the U.S. It can be said that this film is achieved a true collaboration with first class crew and cast of both Japan and the U.S. and also a strong message from the director and the starring British actress Emily Mortimer.

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