Jacek Borcuch

Jacek Borcuch\'s artistic path is a constant search for answers to questions about human existence. This started with acting, but was later replaced by the philosophy, the gate to deepen our knowledge, expand perception and ... experiment.

Music had been present in his life from early childhood, when he studied the classics by learning to play the piano; later, he discovered the beauty of modern sounds. Current stage of his life is filled with directing, a logical consequence of the path that he had chosen in the past. This domain combines all of the previously acquired skills and strengths of the creator and gives him the opportunity to present his visions to the public.

Jacek Borcuch wrote and directed four feature films, including his debut \"Kallafiorr\" and \"TuliPany.\" His third film, \"Wszystko co kocham\" was a sensation at the Sundance Festival and won many awards and honors at international film festivals, and in 2011, it became Polish candidate for the Oscars. \"Can a few real and quantifiable seconds can affect our lives ...?\" Even if the answer to that question seems obvious, \"Yes, it can not only affect it, but also change it completely,\" the answer to the second question is not that obvious, \"How can it change our lives ...?\" An exciting journey begins, the moment we begin to think about the answer. A journey into the unknown, travel to remote regions of our imagination, where intuition and instinct are the guides. Dialectical approach to this dilemma may seem somewhat trivial and perhaps even naive, but immersing it in a real, physical and mental life brings it to an important place, and in the case of this particular story, this place is fundamental. \"Nieulotne\" is a modern attempt to examine the human condition at the micro level. Through the eyes of young people, we are watching how their seemingly orderly world falls apart. The viewer is placed in a situation that is emotionally dependent on the fate of the characters, not aggressively though, but just on the basis of compassion, and the desire to understand. Together with them, and actually thanks to them, we have the opportunity to face our own nature and ask yet another question that will be left answered.

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