Jacek Braciak

A graduate of the State Academy of Drama in Warsaw, Jacek Braciak counts among Poland's most distinctive character actors. Since 1991 he has worked for Warsaw's Teatr Powszechny. In 1997 he directed his own play, Myszy, Koty i Niedźwiedzie. He worked as assistant director on the performance Nad Złotym Stawem (On Golden Pond) in Teatr Powszechny. He had his cinematic debut in 1989 in Z soboty na poniedziałek. He later appeared in Panny i wdowy (Maidens and Widows), Enak, Vent d'est (East Wind), or Uprowdzenie Agaty. He has appeared in popular television series, including Miodowe lata, Klan, 13 posterunek, Kasia i Tomek, Oficer, Glina, BrzydUla, Rodzinka.pl, and Ja to mam szczęście. One of his greatest achievements is his role of Jureczek in Piotr Trzaskalski's Edi (2002), which earned the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 2002 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and the 2003 Polish Film Awards, the Eagle. In 2006 he appeared in Jasne Błękitne Okna (The Skylights) and Co słonko widziało (What the Sun Saw). He had an opportunity to work with Andrzej Wajda on the set of Katyń. His role of Władek in Wojtek Smarzowski's Róża earned him an Eagle. He is also acclaimed for his extraordinary appearance in Drogówka (Traffic Department). His voice-acting credits include the Polish versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Arthur and the Invisibles (2006), or Asterix at the Olympic Games (2008).

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