Jacek Fedde

Chef of the restaurant
Chef of the restaurant Bazaar 1838 in Poznan. He is 37 years old, was born and began his work in Gdansk. Even during his high school years, he seasonally worked in the kitchen, but really learned his craft in the restaurant, Dwór Oliwski, from its chef of that time, Phillipe Abraham. He gathered most of his professional experience while working in Western Europe and the Caribbean. It was in Bermuda where he had learnt what hard work really was, when the kitchen consisted of six cooks had to serve up to 300 guests, a la carte. After returning to Poland, he traveled back to his home region and became the head chef at the hotel "Neptun" in Leba, where he then undertook a difficult task of rebuilding the brand and trust in the restaurant at the Hotel Rezydent in Sopot. He fully succeeded and turned the restaurant "Pasjami" in one of the most respected restaurants in Sopot. In 2012, he developed the concept and then launched the restaurant "Tłusta kaczka" in Gdynia. In April 2012, he began working with Bazaar Poznan and from scratch, created the first restaurant "Bazaar 1838." He has been the chef of "Bazaar 1838" to this day. Jacek Fedde's cuisine is the sum of his experiences and because, in the course of his over ten year long career, he happened to work in Irish, French and even the Caribbean restaurants, his cuisine is characterized by unfettered freedom, fantasy and color. He cooks potatoes the way he has learnt it from the best chefs, prepares mango marmalade the way the residents of Goa do it, but makes his cod the Kashubian way. In Jacek Fedde's understanding, original cuisine is defined by the freshness and locality of products and this is the type of cuisine that he offers to his guests, a la carte, in Bazaar 1838.

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