Jacek Szymczak

Jacek Szymczak, director, cinematographer and producer. His versatile skills have one common denominator, the new ways of communication with the viewers, formal means of expression and a fascination with image and sound. He constantly expands his knowledge in this field and shares it willingly with others. In his everyday work, he deals with television formats. He described his practical knowledge in scientific thesis that earned him the title of the Doctor of Film Arts and Television from PWSFTViT. He has extensive production experience including the following productions TVN (2001-20012): \"Sekrety Chirurgii,\" \"Szpieg,\" \"Cela,\" \"Misja Martyna,\" \"Wyprawa Robinson,\" \"Druga Twarz,\" \"Moja Krew,\" \"Krótka Pika,\" \"Superwizjer.\" From 1995-2002, while still at school, he was learning his film skills in feature films; he worked on the film \"Kiler,\" directed by  Juliusz Machulski, \"Przedwiośnie,\" directed by Filip Bajon, and \"Na koniec świata,\" directed by Magdalena Łazarkiewicz. He produced and directed independent films (1995-20010) (\"Piwnice Diabła,” “Film Spring Man – Sławomir Idziak,” “Big Han - Adam Hanuszkiewicz,” “Kobieta Twoja,” “Uciekając przed,” “Droga do...,” “Wielki Błękit Morza Czerwonego,” “Pod ciśnieniem,” “Zdobywcy Nieba”) that won many festival awards and were broadcasted on television.  He wrote and directed several dozens of music videos and commercials. Currently, he is working on both his authorial projects and commercial projects for the biggest clients in the country.

Jacek Szymczak together with Robert Woźniak will conduct the master class Cinema EOS


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