Jakub Sobczak

PolakPotrafi.pl Founder
He has always been socially engaged - at every stage of education and later. He comes from Poznań and is a local patriot. In 2010 he ran for counselor in the Council of the City of Poznan. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications at Poznan University of Technology and began his doctoral studies there. He interrupted his scientific career in order to build a foundation for crowdfunding in Poland. He is the founder of the first and largest Polish social finance platform - PolakPotrafi.pl. He is a fan of shortwave radio, foreign languages ​​and crowdfunding, and soon plans to become a pilot. He does not go for easy solutions. He is in favor of grassroots work and is a person who will rather not sleep at night and do something on his own than bother others. He feels that crowdfunding in Poland started an avalanche that progressively changes the reality that surrounds us and heralds a social revolution.

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